Learning Objective: Learner Will List Precautions, Contraindications, and Special Considerations for Cupping Massage Therapy

Cupping therapy, in general, is very safe and has minimal side-effects. Precaution and contraindications are generally straightforward. It is important to check in with clients’ comfort level to gauge pressure since a device is being used and has the effect of treatment with more force. Cupping should not be painful or uncomfortable. If a client experiences pain, it is a signal to release some suction on the cups. If the pain does not cease, stop the treatment. 

Cupping has a powerful effect on the lymphatic system. In cases where clients have an autoimmune disease, or a disease affecting the lymphatic system, the treatment needs to be modified to ensure that the systems are not overtaxed. It is fairly common for clients to feel tired, but usually very relaxed. It is important to make sure clients keep their body covered and warm during and after treatment.

Proper hydration is another consideration with cupping. With very dry skin, you may find the cups do not attach easily.

Note, overstimulation may cause dizziness, dimness of vision, discomfort in chest, nausea, coldness limbs, or colds sweat.