Plateau Monitoring

In the cupping technique of parking cups, plateau monitoring is observing the changing colors of the skin under the parked cup. The skin surface will change in discoloration; remove the cup once the hue plateaus or stops changing colors. The plateauing of the mark indicates that the maximum benefit of the parked cup has been reached and that area is finishing with the parking technique. The shape of the elevation is an indicator. If the dome has a dent, it means there is an adhesion. 

  • Healthy Blood Circulation - Light pink means healthy blood circulation; show of redness means increase in local blood circulation
  • Moderate Stagnation - Red means moderate stagnation
  • Severe Stagnation - Purple means severe stagnation; chronically injurious, deep blockage of fluid stagnation within the underlying tissue
  • Congestion and Toxins - Spotted means congestion and toxins
  • Blood and Qi Deficiency - Pale whitish means poor circulation due to blockage or blood deficiency