Home Care Advisor

Each Wellness Provider must become a home care advisor! A successful business does not stop at providing a service to a client; a successful business integrates services with treatment plans, home care advise that includes product recommendations. The mentality of “I’m a healer, not a salesperson” needs to evolve to “I’m a healer and a home care advisor!”

The importance of becoming a home care advisor is critical to best client care and improving the financial business. A client is investing in services and will need proper home care lifestyle changes and products to maintain the service received. The wellness provider is the specialist and is the best individual to provide a client with proper recommendations. A client is going to purchase product, make it easier for them and become the one stop shop.

H - Helpful client treatment plans with home care recommendations

O - Objectives and concerns understood for proper client care

M - Maintenance plans

E - Educate products and key benefit; you are the expert

C - Consultative selling creates creditability

A - Authentic in your approach with service and home care recommendations

R - Relationship development to cultivate repeat clients and referrals

E - Experiences sell, so sell what you use in the treatments

A - Actively listen to advise client based on their needs AND wants

D - Directions on “how to use” products; demonstrate when possible

V - Visual displays with testers

I - Inquiry to understand the client’s needs AND wants

S - Sincere gratitude with a smile

O - Observe

R - Recommendation form with home care product regime for client’s needs