Integrating Reveel

Integrating Reveel

In this lecture, you'll learn how to incorporate Reveel into your business by using our pre-made marketing resources, taking advantage of this Free Staff Training course, and more! As a bonus, you’ll have access to downloadable “cheat sheets”. These resources can be accessed below the video.


Reveel Cheat Sheet: a printable document that can be shared with guests to help introduce and promote Reveel while highlighting their expertise in products containing top-of-the-line ingredients such as collagen peptides and other bio-intelligent ingredients.


Pre-Made Marketing Resources

  • Everything you need to engage and excite customers before they walk through the door
  • Social Posts: access to professionally created posts (imagery, copy, and hashtags) to optimize engagement
  • Email Templates: copy and paste emails created by our marketing team to peak your guests' interest

Free Staff Training

  • Where you'll find pre-made social resources to share with your guests
  • Staff training breaks down brand and product essentials for your team
  • Ask staff to present their certificates of completion after they've passed the course

Home Care Cheatsheet

  • Give to guests after their professional treatment to get them excited about home care options
  • Explains high-level differentiating points of Reveel and their hero ingredient, collagen
  • Back of sheet details additional hero ingredients and home care best sellers and their benefits

Highly Customizable, Easy-to-Implement Skin Care

  • The Reveel treatment concepts consists of standard modules which target universal skin needs and individual modules which are customized for individual skin needs
  • 13 backbar products give you access to 8 highly efficacious full anti-aging treatment protocols
  • Individual modules pair well with more aggressive spa procedures like microneedling, microdermabrasion, and more to aid healing post treatment

Looking For a Place to Start?

  • High performance products meets a wide range of skin requirements
  • Already have a great facial? Reveel Masks play well with house brands to optimize and customize service results
  • Serves as a lead in to Reveel's best selling retail collagen masks, allowing you to tap into consumer demand for quality collagen products

Retail Success Tips

  • Feature best-selling retail products in a prominent area of your retail space!
    • Collagen Mask
    • Collagen Serum Spray
    • Vitamin C Concentrate + Activator
    • Defending Day Serum Plus
  • Offer samples after their treatment to enhance home results and encourage future retail sales! Setting up testers in your retail boutique is also a great way to give guests a hands-on Reveel experience!

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