Product Overview

In this lecture, we will learn about Reveel's mask collection and what makes them more effective than other similar products.

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Face and Eye Masks

  • Innovative technologies and careful ingredient selection make these masks more effective than other masks using the same ingredients
  • Great when used as add-ons to any facial treatment (with any brand, not just Reveel!)
  • Professional and take home masks available

Collagen Face Mask

  • Retail only pre-saturated sheet mask made with active native collagen, which is 97% compatible with the skin, so the skin recognizes it and receives its signals
  • Derived from BSE-free bovine sources, the biomaterials, along with powerful key ingredients, deliver age-defying results
  • Aids in prolonging the results of professional treatments. Recommended this mask especially when skin is stressed due to extreme heat or cols weather or whenever skin is in need of deep hydration

Professional Renewal Mask

  • Made with native collagen that is 98% compatible with the skin, this professional mask is a go-to add on to replenish guests' skin
  • Also features apple stem cell extract, resveratrol, and baicalin to further minimize signs of aging, neutralize environmental influences, and support the skin's natural balance
  • Comes dry and is activated with the Professional Activating Liquid once the mask is on the guests' face

Marine Eye Mask

  • Effective alginate eye mask for a more defined, rehydrated, and visibly firmer appearance of the eye zone
  • Patented "2-chamber system" for fresh active ingredients and maximum efficacy
  • A great upsell during professional treatments that can easily translate into a retail sale

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