Pre-Written Email Blast

The following pre-written email will serve to introduce your clients to the products and services from Reveel you'll be offering. All you have to do is copy and paste the text below. Please feel free to rework it to fit your spa's unique voice. To download the header image, click the file link at the bottom of this page.

Email Subject: Reveal Your Ideal Skin with Reveel Skin Care

Email Headline: Bio-compatible skin care products reveal your true skin

Email Body:

Dear XXXX,

There are so many skin care options out there, you deserve to pick a line that truly delivers results. Our new collection of products from Reveel Skin Care will begin showing you a difference after just the first few uses. We’re believers and we want to share Reveel with you! We love their message of YOUR IDEAL SKIN. REVEALED. because it tells a story of getting your skin in balance and renewed to a fresh new start!

The reason Reveel is so amazing is because it is designed to send signals to your skin to produce and activate essential processes for renewal and growth. With 40 years experience in skin restoration, the German formulators have a full understanding of the complex system of the skin and how it responds to healthful ingredients, including collagen and vitamin C.

Reveel Skin Care can address provide help for aging and moisture-depleted skin, acneic conditions, redness and uneven complexion. Book a service now and let us help you ‘reveel’ your ideal skin.

In wellness,


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