Email: Measuring Performance & Optimizing

It's important to frequently take an in-depth look at how your email marketing is doing, allowing you to make adjustments and improvements. The following video and tips will show you how you can track your stats.

How to Know If Your Email Marketing Is Working

The first step is to track your stats and establish averages. Depending on your send frequency, you might want to this monthly or weekly. Below are the most common metrics, and should be provided by your email service provider.


Metrics will vary by industry and type of email. It’s important to track your own averages over time to measure your own success. However, we have provided some spa and salon industry benchmarks to to use as a gauge.

Open Rate

The % of people who opened your email. Your subject line is a key driver in this rate.

Click-through Rate

The % of people who clicked a link within your email. Knowing what your customers click on will tell you they are interested in. Use that data to provide more or less of that content

Conversion Rate

The % of people who purchased or booked an appt.

Unsubscribe Rate

The number of people who unsubscribed from your list. If you notice this number increasing take another look at your content. It might be you are not providing the right content.

Bounce Rate

The % of emails that were not delivered. This is often put into two buckets 1. Soft Bounces (mailbox is full or server is unavailable) and 2. Hard Bounces (invalid email address). If you notice that this rate is higher than the benchmark, you may want to revisit the tips outlined in "Building & Maintaining Your Spa's List".


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