Brand Overview

Brand Overview

In this lecture, learn all about LaFlore's probiotic skincare products.

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Founded on one simple concept: Improve the Health of the Skin Microbiome.

LaFlore's Mission

  • To cultivate the natural strength and resiliency of the skin microbiome through transformative, holistic formulas
  • LaFlore works for every skin type and every skin condition

The Difference

  • Patented technology of touch activated LIVE probiotics that do not require refrigeration

Formulation Matters

  • The active botanical ingredients in every LaFlore product are organic, wild harvested, and chosen for their medicinal properties
  • All products are vegan, plant-based, gluten free, paraben free, PEG free, DEA free, toxin/allergen free, and kind to biome certified
  • St. John's Wort is harvested in-house

Clinical Transparency

  • Validates the safety and efficacy of every product, LaFlore completed in-house and 3rd party testing and certifications:
    • Skin irritation & sensitivity
    • Antimicrobial effectiveness
    • Microbiological test
    • Viability Studies of LIVE probiotics
    • COA (Certificate of analysis) on all products

The Skin Microbiome

  • The invisible ecosystem that works to keep our skin healthy and protected
  • The overall health of your skin is a result of the microscopic world of bacteria that lives on it, known as the skin microbiome. Think of it as an epidermal ecosystem that works to protect your skin. When an imbalance of bacteria occurs, it impacts how you look and feel.
  • Every skin microbiome is different so signs of distress can show up as various skin concerns including eczema, acne, dry skin, redness, and even accelerated aging.
  • In the past, we have been taught to focus on alleviating these concerns with products and harsh chemicals rather than restoring skin health, but now there is a better way.
  • LaFlore scientists have discovered how to work with the skin's biology to balance the bacteria and get better skin naturally by giving the body more of what makes it healthy in the first place, good bacteria.
  • Good bacteria = LIVE probiotics. Using topical LIVE probiotics is the most effective way to restore balance. By applying LIVE probiotics daily your microbiome will naturally mend your skin while you sleep.

What Causes Imbalances?

  • Skin microbiomes are unique, no two are alike and they are everchanging.
  • The three main buckets of causes of skin imbalances are Environment, Lifestyle, and Skincare.
  • Each of these insults creates a crisis for the skin, causing problems such as acne, irritation, oily or dry/dehydrated skin, aging skin, and more.

How do LIVE Probiotics Work?

  • What are Prebiotics?
    • A food and fuel source for the bacteria living on the skin. Give the energy to the LIVE probiotics. Neutralizes harmful bacteria and creates Postbiotics.
  • What are Probiotics?
    • Living microorganisms that have nutritional, metabolic, and immune health benefits when used topically or orally.
    • Provide the boost of beneficial bacteria to the skin microbiome to help fight off bad bacteria
    • Can deliver postbiotics your skin needs such as vitamins, AHA, PHA, BHA< and more.
  • What are Probiotic Extracts
    • Scientifically known as lysates, Probiotic Extracts are a fluid obtained by the process of breaking LIVE probiotic bacterium apart. They do not contain LIVE probiotics

The Science

  • LIVE Probiotics have proven to:
    • Increase collagen and elastin production
    • Decrease redness and sensitivity
    • Reduce the frequency and intensity of breakouts
    • Fight off harmful bacteria, pathogens, and viruses on the skin
    • Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Product Methodology

  • Healthy skin gets exposed to stresses and as a result the skin microbiome imbalances which causes conditions such as acne, aging skin, and more. Adding the LIVE Probiotic Skincare system balances the microbiome.

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