Brand Introduction

Brand Summary

In this lecture we will learn about reveel, a German-engineered skin care line that offers professional treatments and take-home products that provide optimal anti-aging results. We'll see what makes them unique, credible, and popular among professionals and clients alike.

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German-engineered skin care that offers bio-intelligent, clinically-tested, professional treatments and take-home products that activate at the point of use for optimal anti-aging results.

reveel Difference

  • Biointelligent Ingredients: reveel formulations are easily recognized by the skin, incorporating ingredients such as bio-identical collagen and vitamin C
  • Cryopreservation & Encapsulation: Proprietary technologies preserve active ingredients & combine them at the point of use for maximum efficacy.
  • Evidence-Backed Results: reveel partners with some of the top research institutions in Germany to test their products and ingredients

Behind the Brand

  • 40+ Years Clinical Credibility: For decades, reveel's parent company has helped burn victims regenerate skin with their FDA-patented collagen technology
  • reveel by MedSkin Solutions draws on those decades of expertise to introduce an innovative and efficacious new beauty brand
  • Formulated and manufactured in Germany, one of the most trusted skin care hubs in the world

Customer Demand

  • Two of reveel's hero ingredients allow you to tap into high demand consumer trends with best-in-class products
  • Collagen: interest has increased over 200% over the last 5 years
  • Vitamin C: interest has increased 176% over the last 5 years

Cryopreservation & Encapsulation

  • reveel's patented preservation technologies enhance the potency of product at the point of use
  • Captivation. This method is used in activators, fluids, serums, moisturizers, sprays, emulsions, and gels
  • Advanced CryoSafe Method: freeze-drying that preserves the holistic mode-of-action of the active ingredients in sheets, face masks, eye masks, pre-soaked masks, and beads

Evidence-Backed Results

  • reveel has partnered with some of the top European universities and peer-reviewed journals to test formulations on factors such as:
    • Penetration of active ingredients
    • Skin roughness
    • Wrinkle depth
    • Skin elasticity
    • Antioxidant action

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