Email: Creating Effective Emails

Creating emails that are visually appealing and educational for your clients is the key to keeping them engaged and subscribed. The following video and tips will show you how you can build emails that will catch the attention of your clients and keep the communication flowing.

How to Build Your Email

1. From Name & Address

This tells the subscriber who sent them the email. In most cases, you would want to use your brand name. However, if the subscriber knows you by name, then use your own name. You just want to make sure you use something recognizable and professional. The address you use should be consistent with the name to avoid looking like spam. It should also be an email address that is checked regularly, as subscribers may reply directly to the email.

2. Subject Line  

The subject line is the first thing your subscriber will see. Make sure it is short and sweet. It should make them want to open your email.

3. Brand Logo

Always include your logo at the top of the email. This is the first thing the subscriber will see when they open the email and it allows them to quickly recognize who it’s from. 

4. Headline Copy

This should be short and include the purpose of the email.

5. Image

Include nice, crisp imagery if it’s appropriate. Images are also great for breaking up copy. If you are looking for free images, check out or 

6. Body Copy

Keep your copy brief but informative. You want to be sure and provide enough information to pique interest and encourage the subscriber to click through.  

7. Call-to-Action 

What do you want the subscriber to do? Click through to a blog, purchase a product, or schedule an appointment? This should be the goal of your email. This is often presented in the form of a button or highlighted link.

8. Contact Information

You must include a valid physical postal address to be CAN-SPAM compliant. In addition, you should consider adding a phone number or email address so customers can easily reach you.

9. Unsubscribe/Opt-Out

To be CAN-SPAM compliant, you must also include a clear way for subscribers to opt-out. 

Creating Engaging Content

Try to provide a mix of content. Don’t just sell-sell-sell. You could do this by including self-care tips along with an email promoting facial services. OR you could send a separate email all about at home facial care. Provide educational/informative content to help build trust and keep subscribers engaged. A good ratio might be 2-to-1 – for every two promotional emails, send one email with educational content.

Customizing Your Design

• Decide on one or two templates early on. This will help make the building process go faster.

• Make sure it looks good and is readable on mobile. (More than 50% of people read emails on their phone.)

• Make sure the design reflects your brand. Include your logo and stick to color palettes you use on web or social. 

• Test – test – test. Ensure email is displayed correctly, free of typos, and all links work.

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