Brand Introduction

Brand Summary

In this lecture, we will introduce Mancine, a pioneer of premium Australian waxing innovations that bring luxury to treatments. Learn why their products are a favorite amongst clients and professional wax artists.

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  • Provides everything needed to offer exceptional waxing services including thin-spreading wax and pre-, post-, & home care products
  • Is a pioneer of Australian waxing innovations that bring luxury to treatments by including skin-soothing ingredients that help reduce the risk of bumps, irritation, and ingrown hairs
  • Began as a family business in 1965 and has grown into one of the beauty industry’s leading brands. Today, Mancine is still family-owned and continues to create new, exciting products for pros
  • Has proprietary Ultra Flexxx® technology, which gives waxes a unique plastic texture, so you pull the hair, not the skin
  • Waxes offer more flexibility
  • Hair serum helps prevent ingrown hairs and irritation while also creating retail sales opportunities
  • Vibrant colors, shimmer, and exquisite scents are added to most waxes to give guests a memorable experience
  • All product formulations are tested in salons to ensure optimal functionality and usability
  • Has a lower melting point which allows for roughly 30% more applications than traditional wax and is formulated to require less product per service, lowering operating costs for a more economical option

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