Pre-, Post-, & Home Care

Product Overview

In this lecture we will learn about the pre-, post-, and home care products offered by Mancine that help to treat and soothe delicate skin, leaving clients delighted.

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Pre-Wax Lotion

  • Removes moisturizing creams, surface bacteria, and perspiration prior to soft waxing
  • Pleasant smelling with chamomile, which also calms the skin while Cetrimide B.P prevents harmful bacteria from entering the hair follicle

Pre-Wax Oil

  • Removes moisturizing creams, surface bacteria, and perspiration prior to hard waxing
  • Prevents wax from becoming tacky, leaving less residue
  • Calms the area pre-treatment using aloe vera and contains jasmine for a light, refreshing scent


Ultimate Finishing Oil

  • An excellent combination of oils that clears any wax residue left behind after the waxing process
  • Available in Chamomile & Lavender which features soothing properties and almond oil to nourish and Unscented which has nourishing vitamin E and almond oil

Triple Action Post Depilatory Cream

  • Features active ingredients that help reduce unsightly ingrown hairs and bumps associated with hair removal
  • Emollient heavy formula that will leave skin feeling smooth and supple post-waxing
  • Calms with chamomile and softens skin with urea
  • Unisex formula suitable for men and women

Home Care Essentials

Active Cream

  • Recommend this effective super-concentrated cream to help clients prevent and treat ingrown hair during and after their service
  • Reduces inflammation and swelling of the hair follicle that can occur post-waxing
  • Helps prevent and treat ingrown hairs with bromelain and vitamin A (exfoliants) and resorcinol (antiseptic)
  • Not for use on pregnant women

Hair Serum

  • For use pre- or post-body waxing, this product will help to reduce bumps and itchiness after a waxing service
  • Witch hazel and aloe calm and prevent uncomfortable itchiness while salicylic acid helps to prevent pore and hair follicles from getting clogged
  • Only to be used on the body

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