Integrating Mancine

Integrating Mancine

In this video you’ll learn how to incorporate Mancine into your professional waxing services and home care offerings. As a bonus, you’ll have access to two downloadable “cheat sheets”. These resources can be accessed below the video.


Mancine Product Chart: a guide to picking the best wax option to fit your guests' needs

Mancine Cheat Sheet: a printable document that can be shared with guests to help introduce Mancine, promote your retail offerings, and provide pre and post service do's and don'ts of waxing


Relationship & Retention

  • Optimize your guest experience with Mancine's pre-service/ service suggestions
  • Versatile product mix allows you to cater service around guests' needs
  • Learn how to utilize Mancine home care products to build rapport and drive retail growth

Pre-Service: Booking

  • Train staff to ask guests questions before their appointment to protect against negative experiences
  • "Are you planning on going on vacation where you'll be exposed to the sun in the next week?"
  • "Are you on any medications that could cause skin sensitivity?"

Service: Building Trust

  • Build trust by explaining to guests what products you'll be using on them and why
  • "Today I'll be using a fully synthetic Australian wax to reduce the risk of any irritation and minimize pain"
  • "This wax formulation is not messy at all! I'll be able to ensure accuracy and tighter lines for you today"

Service: Offer Choice

  • Mancine offers both scented and unscented wax and finishing oils
  • We recommend stocking both waxes in your treatment room to give your guests a choice
  • Allowing guests to choose helps them have a better experience and can reduce the risk of irritation

Home Care Expectations

  • Contextualizing home care expectations can increase your guests' overall service satisfaction
  • Win-win! Meet guest expectations and drive retail sales by extending care at home that'll enhance and maintain their treatment results
  • Check out the downloadable cheat sheet below

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