Arnica Joint & Muscle Relief

Product Overview

In this lecture, learn all about Kneipp's arnica-based products and how this powerful ingredient benefits many different concerns both in professional treatments and at home.

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What is Arnica?

  • Arnica is widely known as one of nature's most powerful plants, with benefits for anyone active or in need of relieving tight muscles
  • Extracts from the Arnica montana flower work quickly through topical application to help soothe discomfort in muscles and joints, making it perfect for post-workout relief, everyday recovery, and more
  • Kneipp offers a wide range of arnica-based products that can be used during professional services and in the comfort of their homes

Arnica Joint & Muscle Bath Salt/Oil

  • Made with arnica extract and natural essential oils of cabreuva, rosemary, and pine, Arnica Mineral Bath Oil delivers a warming effect to the body to help relieve and restore sore muscles and joints
  • Use together during hydrotherapy treatments to amplify the powerful skin smoothing benefits and vibrant color therapy to ease muscle strain and boost positivity
  • Exposing guests to these products during services is a great segue into encouraging them to try other retail products in the arnica line

Arnica Joint & Muscle Massage Oil

  • With a base of arnica and ginger extracts, shea butter, sunflower oil, and moisturizing almond oil - this oil is a great choice for guests looking for a pre- or post-workout / recovery massage
  • Enhance guests' massage with Kneipp's Arnica Joint & Muscle Intensive Cream and encourage guests to purchase additional arnica products to continue their recovery at home

Arnica Joint & Muscle Intensive Cream

  • This easily absorbed formula contains 10% arnica tincture for a powerful dose of arnica benefits and includes nourishing plant oils to simultaneously smooth the skin
  • Let it work its magic for fitness fanatics, stiff travelers, or anyone with overworked joints or muscles
  • Easily incorporate this incredible product into any massage service. The tincture treatment is ideal for targeted muscle massage

Arnica Joint & Muscle Active Gel

  • Made with efficacious arnica extract, menthol, and natural mountain pine essential oil, this hard-working gel delivers potent, cooling comfort for sore muscles and joints
  • The refreshing, stimulating fragrance re-invigorates the mind and body so your guests can stop thinking about discomfort and start focusing on plant-based recovery
  • For guests wanting additional relief, recommend pairing this gel with Kneipp's Arnica Mineral Bath Salt Soak, Bath Oil, or Intensive Cream

Arnica Joint & Muscle Cooling Gel

  • Made with 25% arnica extract and camphor essential oil, this powerful cooling gel penetrates deeply to cool and soothe, delivering targeted relief wherever it's needed most
  • The fast-absorbing, quick-drying gel is mildly fragranced with juniper and lavender essential oils and is ideal for revitalizing puffy legs and feet
  • Pair with Kneipp's Arnica Mineral Bath Salt Soak, Bath Oil, or Intensive Cream for additional relief. This product is retail only.

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