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Post One: Do Kneipp Products Stain The Tub?

Post Content:

One commonly asked question about our Kneipp brand is if the colorants in the products will stain the tub or tile.

No. The food-grade colorants that are used in the products provide added benefits through color therapy, but will not stain tubs or tile. Used for hundreds of years, color therapy is a holistic practice based on the idea that different hues have unique effects on our emotional state.


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Post Two: Who is Sebastian Kneipp?

Post Content:

Sebastian Kneipp was a 19th-century priest who created a set of wellness principles that laid the foundation for modern naturopathy. As a result of a case of tuberculosis, he embarked on a quest to heal himself. His studies led him to find and share the potent ingredients found in nature, creating recipes for personal health and vitality. Kneipp’s 5 pillars of wellness access the power of water, herbalism, exercise, nutrition, and internal balance. Kneipp created, with the help of a local pharmacist, the plant-based formulas that continue to be produced and sold in the form of traditional bath and body care products.


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