Body & Foot Care

Product Overview

In this lecture, you will learn about the Kneipp Body and Foot Care products available.

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Body Oils & Lotions

  • Specially crafted to restore moisture to dehydrated skin, Kneipp body oils and lotions are made with powerful botanicals and rich, conditioning oils to deliver deep hydration in addition to other targeted skincare benefits
  • Both the oils and lotions absorb completely and leave a light scent on the skin. The oils leave a sheen lingering just enough to give you a healthy-looking glow!
  • Both product types are retail only

Relaxing Lavender Body Oil & Lotion

  • Delivers a powerful dose of vitamin E to nourish and soothe the skin, while sweet almond oil or sunflower oil boosts radiance
  • Encourage guests to pair these products with Kneipp's Relaxing Lavender Bath Salts and Bath Oil to enhance their relaxation at home

Almond Blossom Body Oil & Lotion

  • Crafted by a specialized team of dermatologists and botanists, these intensely nourishing products contain luscious almond oil to strengthen the skin's barrier, improving elasticity
  • For extra-smooth, silky skin, encourage guests to exfoliate first with Kneipp's Almond Blossom Body Scrub, then apply Body Oil while the skin is still damp

Argan & Marula Body Oil Beauty Secret

  • Help guests maintain their skin's moisture levels with this unique combination of oils that renew and strengthen the skin's barrier function for a velvety-smooth feel
  • Argan oil makes skin feel supple and gives it an even appearance while marula oil nourishes and strengthens the skin's barrier. Castor oil has a lipid-replenishing effect, and olive oil protects and smooths skin
  • Encourage guests to use daily for optimal results

Body Scrubs

  • Kneipp body scrubs gently remove dead skin cells as they condition and moisturize, leaving skin silky-smooth and impressively soft for hours
  • These scrubs are retail-only

Argan & Marula Body Scrub

  • Sugar infused with argan and marula oils condition and moisturize the skin, leaving a youthful glow
  • A great retail option for guests wanting to revitalize dull, dry-looking skin at home

Almond Milk & Almond Oil Body Scrub

  • This scrub offers a combination of cleansing and exfoliating benefits that go far beyond a bar of soap; the superb blend of sugar and natural almond oil work to remove dead skin cells and supply the skin with moisture
  • Developed by dermatologists for dry and sensitive skin

Massage Oil

  • Kneipp massage oils are plant-based and free from any harmful chemicals or dyes. They contain highly beneficial, nourishing seed oils and are formulated for professional glide so you can get the most out of your massage
  • Available in backbar and retail sizes

Relaxing Lavender Massage Oil

  • This intensely pampering formula with lavender essential oil, jojoba oil, and almond oil has a balancing, aromatherapeutic effect while nourishing and hydrating the skin
  • For the optimal experience, encourage guests to continue their experience at home with a soothing lavender bath with Kneipp Lavender Bath Oil and/or Lavender Bath Salt
  • For the optimal experience, encourage guests to continue their experience at home with a soothing lavender bath with Kneipp Lavender Bath Oil and/or Lavender Bath Salt

Arnica Joint & Muscle Massage Oil

  • With a base of arnica and ginger extracts, shea butter, sunflower oil, and moisturizing almond oil - this oil is a great choice for guests looking for a pre- or post- workout / recovery massage
  • Enhance guests' massage with Kneipp's Arnica Joint and Muscle Intensive Cream and encourage guests to take home additional arnica products to continue their recovery post-treatment

Foot Care

  • Kneipp founder, Sebastian Kneipp, stressed the importance of caring for your feet - even over a century ago
  • Healthy feet contribute highly to our quality of life and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This high-quality foot care line was developed alongside podiatrists and is suitable for diabetics
  • Available for both professional treatments and retail

Calendula & Orange Foot Repair Butter

  • Made with potent and effective herbs like calendula, rosemary, and orange essential oils, Kneipp's highly therapeutic foot repair butter revitalizes and soothes sore feet
  • Delivers a naturally deodorizing effect while shea butter and water-retaining urea moisturize, soften, and help condition dry, cracked, callused skin
  • To optimize the effectiveness of this foot butter, apply it after soaking guests' feet in Kneipp's Calendula and Orange Mineral Bath Salt Foot Soak

Calendula & Orange Mineral Foot Bath Salt

  • This highly therapeutic and deodorizing mineral bath salt is formulated specifically for the feet with plant-based oils to replenish lipids, and essential oils to refresh and deodorize
  • We recommend implementing this pampering product into any professional protocol as a foot and lower leg soak at the beginning of a pedicure or reflexology

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