Integrating Kneipp

Integrating Kneipp

In this lecture, you will learn how you can successfully integrate Kneipp into your business using the free marketing assets, cheatsheets, and more included in this training course.


Kneipp: The Original Naturopathic Self-Care Essentials: This downloadable sheet introduces your clients to the Kneipp legacy and educates them on the foundations and traditions of the brand.


Free Marketing Assets

  • Everything you need to engage and excite customers before they walk through the door
  • Social Posts: access to professionally created posts (imagery, copy, and hashtags) to optimize engagement
  • Email Templates: copy and paste marketing emails created by our marketing team to pique your guests' interest

Free Staff Training

  • Where you'll find pre-made social resources to share with your guests
  • Staff training breaks down brand and product essentials for your team
  • Ask staff to present their certificates of completion after they've passed the course

Kneipp Handout

  • Provide to guests at the end of service to give them a deeper dive into the Kneipp natural wellness philosophy
  • The back highlights Kneipp's self-care essentials along with what plant extracts are featured in each collection, encouraging guests to continue their self-care regimen at home

Boost Retail Sales via Treatment Integration

  • Wellness is more than just a massage or a facial, it is about creating an experience that boosts feel-good neurochemicals and adds joy to our lives
  • On the next slide, you'll find ideas on how naturopathic add-ons can elevate services
  • We'll also provide you with ideas on how the Kneipp philosophy can be integrated into a full, unique wellness experience for your guests

Menu Inspirations

  • Whether you're looking for hydrotherapy protocols or pedicure enhancements, our inspirations help you implement Kneipp into your business:
    • Red Poppy & Hemp Stress Soak
    • Calendula Orange Callous Enhancement
    • Muscle & Joint Support Massage Enhancement
  • You'll find out exactly what you'll need to perform the service and also what retail products to recommend post-service

Implementing the Kneipp Philosophy

  • Incorporate 2 or more of Sebastian Kneipp's 5 pillars of wellness into your Kneipp services to transform them into more fully fleshed-out wellness experiences that align with the philosophy of the brand. Here are some ideas:
    • Nutrition: Finish their wellness service with a cold-pressed juice, smoothie, or herbal tea
    • Plants: If you're close to a "green space", have guests go for a nature walk after their service to get the benefit of forest bathing
    • Exercise: Guide guests in a yoga class or a series of yoga postures before their service
    • Balance: Incorporate a guided mediation into their wellness service to encourage balance
    • Water: Add a nourishing hydrotherapy foot soak to any wellness service

Host a Kneipp Event

  • Focus on the retail products to introduce your guests to the naturopathic power of Kneipp
  • Display the salts in use in glass bowls so guests can see the soothing effects of the chromotherapy
  • Offer mini-treatments and send guests home with samples of corresponding products

Retail Tips

  • Feature seasonal collections.
    • Example: Set up "Deep Breathe Pine & Fir" products during the winter months and accentuate them with actual pine, pine cones, and other wintery accessories
  • Group products in families based on wellness outcomes instead of by product type:
    • Creates a more aesthetic brand representation because colors are groups
    • Makes upselling easier. Spas that do this report that customers will often purchase all products within a given family

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